Welcome Bonus up to $3,333 and 77 free spins

3.8 / 5

Wilde Joker Casino may not be among the top names out there. However, it doesn't fall behind in terms of the services and quality that it provides. The one major obstacle is its scarcity of information about itself.

  • Company Wild Joker Online Casino
  • Bonus details Receive up to $3,333 and 77 free spins on first deposit
  • Payout details Payouts in 48 hours, only on Thursdays and Mondays
  • High weekly limit on withdrawal
  • Multiple slots with progressive jackpots
  • 300% best welcome bonus and daily bonus
  • 24/7 Live Chat Support
  • Currently there is only one game provider
  • No Live Dealer Games

Wild Joker Casino Review

When thinking about iGaming and online casinos, Wild Joker Casino may not be the first choice for many. The Canadian iGaming platform claims to have 19 years of experience. But is it as good as it claims?

While this article will help you find the answer to that question yourself, some elements make this platform stand out. So, let us dive in and take an in-depth review of Wild Joker Casino. To keep it simple, let us begin with some of the slot game’s top pros and cons:


  • Attractive yet easy website
  • Seemingly great options for gaming
  • An easy withdrawal process
  • Live customer support


  • Live-chat support may not be available 24/7
  • Confusing terms and conditions


CompanyWild Joker Online Casino
Year Of Founding2002
Customer SupportLive-chat, phone and email

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The Website

The website is one of the things that make or break any online casino. The more one focuses on it, the easier it is to attract punters. It needs to be fast, colourful, and on top of all that, easy to use. The website seems like a straightforward iGaming affair. Flashy images and bright colours are some of the common things that embellish websites like this. One of the most common features of a good platform should be its easy-on-the-eye UX design and content integrity. Wild Joker Casino does not fall behind in either category.

The layout of the website is simple, with no confusing buttons or options

So, while the website isn’t too difficult to comprehend, it is not a smooth affair either. The confusion arises when the consistent flashing message of customer support gets in your eyes. At some point, it becomes irritating, especially if you’re someone who enjoys multitasking. Besides that, there’s not much to go on. On the top corner, you see options such as “Home,” “Promotions,” “Sign Up,” and “Login.” However, what you cannot miss is the flashing “Welcome Bonus,” which gives 333 bonuses worth up to $3,333 AND 77 free spins the moment you sign up!

You will be facing the occasional captcha check, particularly users of any VPNs. So, steer clear of using any network masks before you login on to this website. On the bottom of your screen, you will see the sitemap. You can use the sitemap to access the website’s promotions and detailed reviews on all the featured games. The remaining two sections are about the casino itself, as well as important information regarding the company.

The Folks Behind Wild Joker Casino

Now, this is where things begin to look a bit scarce. Not to say that there’s anything wrong, but this is where Wild Joker Casino needs to work better. While it’s certain the company hails out of Canada, there’s no other information available. So, why is this important? Isn’t an online casino supposed to remain online? Not necessarily, as it also needs to provide information for legitimacy, such as licencing, company location, city, et cetera. So, why is it that this one skips it entirely? On top of all that, there’s not a single word regarding the company’s upper management.

Do all other iGaming platforms mention this? They do. You can check some of them yourself. Putting a name and face to your company is a good way of ensuring that people trust your organization. It also makes them feel comfortable placing a bet through it. Does this lack of information hinder or get in the way of what Wild Joker Casino is doing? Not at all. But can it help improve their outreach? Most definitely, since understanding who you’re dealing with in the gambling world is one of the chief exercises of building trust. The casino itself claims to have an “award-winning group of individuals.”

Their collaborative spirit rings true if you call their number at 1-800-834497 or email them at Yet, all that has zero effect on a new gamer. They need to work on this to stand out among their competitors, besides building trust. Now, remember that self-introduction and establishing oneself as a viable iGaming platform is one of the essentials of standing out in this industry. To see it for yourself, you can go through their website, and once you do, see if you are not left asking the same question: who are they?

What about the licensing?

To ensure that you are not going to tie up your money with an untrustworthy organization, the licensing of a betting platform is one of the first things you should check. These legal licenses allow such casinos and iGaming platforms to operate legally throughout North America. So, where does Wild Joker Casino stand?

If you scour through their website, there is no mention of any sort of licensing details. So, does it mean they are illegally doing it? Not at all. Their customers all seem to be satisfied with their services, and they don’t have any reported falling out with the law in their 19 years in the business. Should it hinder your willingness to use this platform? Well, keep on reading, as the last two elements of this review will help you decide.

The Casino’s Terms & Conditions

Terms and conditions are what make a legitimate online casino. If you know your rules, then your customers will do so too. Moreover, to avoid any legal troubles, many iGaming platforms go above and beyond to ensure that their customers understand this before they indulge in the services provided by the casino. Some even make video introductions, as well as thoroughly laid-out PDFs that you can download and comfortably spend a night reading. Though, you may not find many people doing that. So, why is it important? And how does Wild Joker Casino handle it?

Here’s where things get interesting. The Terms and conditions at Wild Joker Casino thoroughly mention all the necessities, such as how you should be of legal age to make bets or even sign up. The main problem is that it doesn’t look professional in any way. It doesn’t even look as if a technical or a legal writer wrote it. It’s not a syntax issue; rather, it lacks integrity, as well as important FAQs. Like, what happens if your withdrawal is unsuccessful? Or if it runs into any problems? You can contact customer support, sure. But, where is that in the legal layout?


A casino’s promotions are what keep customers hooked to it. If you want your customers to keep coming back for more, it is necessary to provide them with promotions that help glue them to the platform. Bonuses come in many forms, such as daily, weekly or seasonal, i.e. Christmas or Thanksgiving. So, where does Wild Joker casino rank in bonuses?


The welcoming bonus mentioned earlier in the article

The one thing where this casino does not fall behind is promotions and bonuses. As soon as you enter the website’s homepage, you are greeted by the welcoming bonus. However, as platforms tend to lure in new customers that way, Wild Joker Casino takes it up a notch by providing additional weekly and daily bonuses. If you head to their promotions section, you will find a plethora of games, with each thumbnail leading you to their designated page consisting of promotion codes.

Each day comes with a different type of bonus, and it depends on you which one you wish to claim. For instance, it begins with a meagre Bonus of 125% on Mondays, increasing 25% each day, going up to 300% on Sundays. Therefore, make sure you know which code you are using and redeem it on its designated day.


Wilde Joker Casino may not be among the top names out there. However, it doesn’t fall behind in terms of the services and quality that it provides. The one major obstacle is its scarcity of information about itself. This lack of information in certain areas and the absence of trust-building practices with customers are the only things getting in their way. Besides that, Wild Joker Casino has all the tools that you look for in an iGaming platform.

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