Can I Play Scratch Games at a Casino?

Scratch games are hugely popular in Canada and abroad thanks to their convenience and quick turnaround. A little extra excitement is added to your trip to the shops when you purchase a scratch card while waiting in the queue.

Rather than having to wait days to find out your fate, as with games like the National Lottery, scratch cards give you an immediate answer. So, wouldn’t it be great if online casinos could bring the excitement of scratch games straight to your home?

Thankfully, online casino scratch games are taking off like never before. These scratch games have been cleverly recreated to capture all that is exciting about these quick little games – including the big money prizes! Let’s take a closer look at what they are all about and how they work at the online casino.

Brief History of Scratch Games

Scratch card games originated in the United States in 1974 when scientist John Koza’s Scientific Games Corporation developed the game’s first iteration. Koza noted the long wait times on receiving winnings from bets and sought to improve the system.

Throughout the 1980s, scratch games caught on like wildfire and spread across Europe. Customers loved being able to purchase a card while doing their shopping and receiving instant results after scratching off the covering.

How do Casino Scratch Games work? 

For many people, the fun of whipping out a pound coin and scratching away at the card is unbeatable. The good news is many casino scratch games recreate this simple but utterly satisfying process online! Today everyone can explore here and play online casino games and earn some decent cash daily! Animations of coins scratching away to reveal prizes offer a truly authentic gaming experience. In some versions, you can even do the scratching yourself with your cursor.

More importantly for some people, there are great real money prizes to be won. Of course, results are instant, like with scratch game cards you would buy from a shop, but the games can be played at home on your laptop or on the go on mobile.

As with scratch games you would buy on a card from a shop, there are different ways to play and win. The original versions of the scratch games involve matching symbols akin to a slot game. Players scratch off the panels one by one and hope to match enough symbols to land a win. Another classic variety involves finding the jackpot amount enough times in a scratched space.

Newer versions of the game include a scratch game where players must win games of rock paper scissors to win jackpots. Other casino scratch games follow particular themes, including gameplay from poker, blackjack, and Monopoly!

Advantages of Playing Online Casino Scratch Games

There are several advantages to playing scratch games at your online casino:

  • Greater range of ticket prices. Whereas most scratch cards in shops cost $1 or $2, there are many online scratch games that start from much lower prices. Head over to Playamo Casino if you are on the search for your next gambling adventure at low cost.
  • Play any time! Although picking up a card for a scratch game in a shop queue is a convenient and fun experience, it is also great to give it a go any time you like on your laptop or mobile.
  • Many people have started seeing online casino scratch games as an alternative to playing the National Lottery. Quick turnarounds are appealing as well as the great range of themes available to play.

Get Registered to Start Playing Casino Scratch Games

It might be fun to play free scratch games at first to get used to the concept, but really, they are all about potentially winning a tidy sum. To win real money on casino scratch games, you will need to get signed up with a casino.

The registration process is quick and easy in 2021, as is depositing and withdrawing funds. To register:

  1. Head to an online casino that hosts scratch games.
  2. Hit the sign up/registration button to get started.
  3. Enter your basic information and confirm your email address.
  4. Jump into some casino scratch games action!

Our Verdict on Online Casino Scratch Games

Whether or not you prefer a physical scratch card or playing online casino scratch games is all down to personal preference! That said, we think casino scratch games are here to stay and offer bundles of fun for players. Indeed, casino scratch games provide a nice change from slot games and table casino games for players who usually play these sorts of games.

We will leave these gambling methods from here to enhance your playing. That’s all from us for now, all that’s left to say is – good luck!