Live Casino Glossary

live casino glossary

The live casino arena has come on leaps and bounds in recent years, with a more authentic experience available to players than ever.

Many players either aren’t able or only don’t fancy heading down to a brick-and-mortar casino and playing online live casino games offers a fantastic alternative. A live dealer is broadcasted to players who tune in worldwide and play along.

Knowing your terminology helps perform well at live casino games and beat other players. Additionally, live casino action is more pleasant than other online casino games. For this reason, it is always handy to know what you’re talking about when you interact with your fellow players!

Here at online canadian casino we will delve into some of the key terminology associated with live casino games. Whether you are a new player learning for the first time, or a more experienced player looking up a few key terms, we hope this will be helpful.


The ante is an initial bet made in card games, including some poker versions.


Baccarat is a casino card game played between a player and a banker. The player tries to make their hand add up to a value close to 9.

Beginner’s Luck

Opponents claim you benefit from a slice of beginner’s luck if you are winning lots of bets as a newbie!

Bets Closed

The live dealer overseeing the game will state that bets are closed, or ‘no more bets’ once the round begins. At this point, players will have to wait until the next game to change their wager.


A popular casino game is also known as 21. Players play against the dealer and try to reach a higher total with their cards without going bust over 21. Play the usual live casino games like blackjack at Cookie Casino today to take advantage of exclusive offers.


To bust in blackjack is to go over 21 with your card total.


Calling in poker involves betting the same as the previous player to stay in the game without raising the current bet.

Counting Cards

Counting cards is a memory strategy where players keep track of which cards have already appeared to predict which cards are likely to be drawn next. It is an entirely legal strategy typically used in blackjack, but some casinos may not kindly take players suspected of using it.


Checking in poker is often accompanied by a knock on the table and signifies staying in the game without making a bet.


A French origin word referring to the dealer; someone employed by the casino to gather players’ chips and bets and deal the cards.


Dealer means the same as croupier. The dealer in live casino games online plays a significant role in bringing the game to life and ensuring the experience is as fun and authentic as possible. Live dealers are often very charming and friendly.


Players will need to deposit funds to their casino account to play with. This is the equivalent of exchanging cash for chips before joining a casino table.


In poker, folding means leaving the current round and forfeiting what you have currently staked. Players will fold if they have a poor hand and want to cut their losses.


A hand is the cards the player is currently holding in a game. A hand can also refer to the specific winning combinations in games such as poker, including a flush or a straight.

High Roller

A high roller, also known as a whale, consistently makes big bets at a casino. Although high rollers will carry more of a reputation in a land-based casino, they still pop up in online live casino games.


A hit in blackjack is a request for another card.


An insurance bet in blackjack is a side bet on the dealer having a blackjack. It limits the blow of this happening and your main bet losing.

Live Chat

Players can use the live chat feature to chat to the dealer as well as other players. The dealer can talk back to players as the game progresses via the broadcast.


A push is when neither the dealer or player wins, and the player receives their stake back.


In poker, a player can raise the current bet, requiring other players to match it by calling or fold.


Another of the most famous live casino games, the roulette wheel features numbered segments that are either red or black. The exemption is the green zero space. Players make bets on where the ball will land as the roulette wheel is spun. Online roulette offers exciting alternatives to the classic game such as Lightning Roulette and Speed Auto Roulette.


To stand in blackjack is to stop taking more cards and end your turn. Players will stand once they are satisfied they have reached the highest number they can without busting.


The action of betting a sum of money on a live casino game outcome.


The opposite of depositing, a withdrawal is when a player receives their winnings into their bank from the casino.

Last Thoughts on Live Casino

For many people, live casino games offer a fantastic alternative to the real casino experience. Players can tune in to a live game that has an extra edge to it, as players are aware of each other betting in the same game. What’s more, live casino dealers are charismatic types who always ensure the experience is fun and memorable.

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